Company overview

MHS is a leading, global provider of material handling automation and software for distribution and fulfillment, 赌博哪个平台最安全, 电子商务, manufacturing and other industries. Our turnkey approach takes care of all design, engineering and integration to deliver automated equipment, 机器人, software and controls that work seamlessly according to customer requirements.

Our solutions support a variety of material handling processes such as conveying, 分类, singulation and scanning, and are backed by complete, responsive service, support and parts from MHS Lifecycle Performance 服务s.

在肉类, we always go above and beyond – for our customers and our people. Based in Louisville, 肯塔基州, our global presence includes over 2,500 employees at locations across North America, Europe and Asia.

Our pillars

MHS has decades of expertise developed in each segment of the materials handling industry. We invest in the talent, technology and tools to provide unsurpassed service and systems that drive real results for customers.


MHS is an industry leader in automated material handling solutions. By combining the best in manufacturing, engineering and service under one roof, MHS is best positioned to meet the requirements of each customer, 从大型, custom solutions to smaller, standard implementations.

MHS equipment is designed and manufactured to stand up to even the most severe applications, with our heavy-duty designs powering some of the most reliable systems in the industry.


From smaller, regional service providers to global logistics operations, our dedicated 赌博哪个平台最安全 team provides customized, automated systems with the equipment, software and workflow expertise to meet the unique requirements of each site.

MHS solutions keep polybags, corrugated boxes, soft pack mailers and more moving efficiently and reliably through sorters, 尺度, and scanners. Our innovative designs deliver the high productivity you need, with Lifecycle performance services there every step of the way to maximize system longevity and performance during critical peaks.

软件 + controls

MHS builds software solutions around your needs. We take a modular approach with MHS Helix, our warehouse execution system (WES), to match unique requirements for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment, without the complications of one-off, custom programming.

We handle everything from WES down to individual controls, including integrated PLC systems and even control panels manufactured in-house. 在肉类, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize products and systems, so if the solution you need doesn’t exist, let us know, and we will create it for you.

Research + development

Research and development is our innovation engine, responsible for transforming advanced technologies into market-ready solutions. Collectively, our team brings over 300 years of experience across a range of applications and industries to apply advanced technologies to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.

We’re deeply invested in staying on the leading edge of advanced material handling technology, including computer vision, machine learning, simulations, 3 d相机, 机器人 and end-of-arm tooling.

Distribution + fulfillment

From smaller, independent facilities to multi-site operations, our distribution and fulfillment team has the industry experience and expertise to deliver the best solution for each requirement. We bring together advanced automated solutions and the flexible warehouse software to manage them, all backed by the service and support of Lifecycle Performance 服务s.

Whether you need help handling relentless 电子商务 growth, managing an uncertain labor pool or keeping automated systems moving, MHS is a proven partner capable of dialing up the right technology and workflows for success.

Lifecycle performance services

Lifecycle performance services (LPS) guides customers through comprehensive lifecycle planning to maximize the value and performance of automated systems. Whether your priority is to mitigate staffing challenges, control overall maintenance spend, leverage upgrades and modifications for additional capability or capacity, or maximize system uptime, we have the range of services and consultative expertise to meet your goals.