Conveyor systems

Keep products moving efficiently through logistics facilities

With operations facing more SKU variety and ever-increasing throughput requirements, conveyor systems must be flexible and provide long-lasting, reliable performance to fuel critical supply chain functions. Whether moving items to the right place at the right time or merging multiple product flows into a single-file stream, MHS designs, manufactures and integrates roller- and belt-driven conveyor and singulation solutions to match your exact requirements and keep downstream automated processes moving efficiently.

Space savings are also critical, as operations feel the pressure of high commercial real estate and construction costs. All conveyor systems are engineered with a space efficient footprint — with room to expand as growth dictates — and for easy maintenance to keep downtime to a minimum. Bi-directional design can also enable the same line to operate in forward and reverse directions to provide flexibility and efficiency in handling both inbound and outbound operations. From greenfield projects to retrofits, MHS leverages deep industry expertise and decades of experience to match operations with the right design and conveyor products for efficient, singulated flow of cartons, polybags, totes, and pallets.

Parcel solutions

Extendable loader/unloader

Load and unload items at the dock more efficiently and ergonomically with an extendable conveyor positioned at a comfortable height to minimize twisting, straining and wasted steps.


Large parcel singulator

Efficiently move large packages to downstream processes by organizing bulk flow into a single-file stream at a rate of up to 12,000 parcels per hour with over 99% accuracy.


ARB large parcel singulator

Transform bulk flow into a single-file stream in a reduced footprint with less power consumption than traditional controlled merge systems.

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Carton + tote solutions

Motorized roller conveyor

Convey items up to 75 pounds with reduced cost, space requirements, energy consumption and noise. The modular design uses a motorized roller to power each segment, enabling easier customization.

Belt driven live roller

Transport or regulate the flow of packages with zero-pressure contact accumulation, allowing product to gently coast to a stop, touching the product ahead without back-pressure.

Belt conveyor

Enable seamless product flow with pulleys designed to smoothly transition small products and self-aligning belt take-up for fast initial belt tensioning that takes just seconds.

Lineshaft conveyor

Convey fragile goods without damage in this non-contact accumulation conveyor system, featuring zero-pressure zones to avoid contact between delicate products.

Induction conveyor

Precisely separate packages and increase or decrease gaps between goods for more effective scanning, labeling and other processing to achieve low-cost, high-throughput induction.

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Bulky, awkward items: Solving the non-conveyable challenge
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Bulky, awkward items: Solving the non-conveyable challenge

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